Christmas, Go-Kart Racing and a CAP SAREX
Before you know it, it was Christmas time again! For the first time in many years we set up our Christmas Tree. Our house in the past had been too small, but with a new house and much more space, it felt alot more like Christmas.
Here is our kids, Hanna the white cat, and Lilly the Italian Greyhound.
Our friend Debra gave us a large bundle of cat toys for Christmas, which the kitties immediately tore into.
Here are our two orange cats, Taka (top) and Newton (bottom).
They played with the new toys for hours...
Take especially loves this springy toy.
Hana posed by the Christmas tree. Yes, she really does have two different colored eyes.
Later Taka fell asleep ontop of Lilly...both on Teresa's lap.
They are the same age, and were raised together as puppy/kitten. They are best friends and sleep on top of each other alot.
And they also play together alot. Chasing each other thru the house, wrestling and getting into all sorts of mischief for mom to have to clean up afterwards.
Our squadron had a "team building" night, and we all went Go-Kart racing,, at an indoor facility just north of the base. Here is Teresa in Car #1. After 10 minutes of racing, I took over, then another squadron person did, then we repeated the line up again. One hour of racing, about 80 laps worth.

Teresa makes a high speed turn. The floors are a bit slick, so drifting around the corners was the only way to go.

Here I am in the racing helmet and brown leather jacket getting ready for my turn.
After the racing was done, out of the 10 squadron teams, we came in 3rd place.
Here we are at Showa Park again, which is located right in front of our house. It was a bit snowy the night before, so we decided to walk thru the park.

It was a bit cool, but not too cold.

The Japanese Tea House was very picturesque. There were not many people in the park, and those that were there were busy taking photos.

Not much ice, so the water was flowing without being hidden.

Teresa poses on the bridge in the Japanese Garden
Later it started to snow again, the flakes were clumping together as they fell. The clumps were huge, as you can see from this photo.
On Feb 26th, the local Civil Air Patrol Squadron here at Yokota Air Base held a low intensity SAREX or Search and Rescue Excercise. I've been in the CAP for a number of years, and was a cadet at the Dell City, Texas squadron when I was in High School. Our website is:
Here I am in my CAP Flight Suit, helping out with the mission sorties and Orientation Flights for the cadets. I'm currently a First Lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol, and the Public Affairs Officer for the unit. I'm also their Information Technology Officer, and run the unit website.
Here CAP Captain Shower shows the cadets the proposed flight areas.
We had three Cessna 172's from the Yokota Flight Training Center for our use.
Looking forward as we take off on Runway 36 at Yokota Air Base,...
Looking back as we climb to the north before begining a left turn to the south...
Looking west at the Air Terminal and a transportation jet, servicing our base's needs.
To the north west of the base is this large truck plant, building Nissan trucks for the hauling of cargo.
On a second flight of that day, I took this cool photo of the sunset behind the ATC stairs...
A shot of me in the air...
A really cool shot of Mt. Fuji in the background as we turn and head north, and the strobe going off....
Looking down to the west at the city of Hamura...
Looking northeast, at Tachikawa City. The large green patch is Showa Park, and the far left which is the north side is where our house is.
Making a right hand turn to circle to the south and land...the landing lights are welcoming us home...:)