Waterfalls and CAP Promotion Ceremony and Showa Park Trip

My friend Richard and his family moved to Yokota Air Base a while ago...(finally) and we were looking forward to doing some trips with them. Unfortunately due to the crisis caused by the Earthquake/Tsunami/Reactor, Richard's family had to leave for a little while. Even so, we were able to take him on a trip up to the 12 Waterfalls Valley, just north of Hinohara City. It's about 20 miles North West of Yokota. Here is a photo of Richard and Teresa.

Richard and I get our photos taken by Teresa. There is evidently an 11 kilometer trail that hits these waterfalls, about 12 of them. We parked at what appears to be the middle of the trail. This is a spot that Teresa and I have been to a number of times, but we always enjoy it. There are several small resturaunts here, and a really interesting wood carving shop.

As we walked up to the Hosawa Waterfal, we passed a number of cold clear mountain pools.
Richard with his "Here is my official smile".
Richard, Sean and Teresa at >>>>> Waterfall.
>>>>> Waterfall.
Here is a wallpaper shot for the parents...:)
After taking a lunch break, we then drove further up the valley and went to the >>>> waterfall. It was a kilometer or so hike.
It's actually two waterfalls. Here is the lower one.
I make a funny pose, and Teresa decides to help out with a "I'll push him in" pose...:)
The upper waterfall.
We are doing our Wheel Of Fortune style presentation pose....
Time to hike back and drive back. It was a fun day, and the weather was great.
The next weekend the local Civil Air Patrol Squadron held a promotion ceremony. Here I am getting officially promoted to 1st Lieutenant.
A group photo of some of the 103rd Senior members. From left to right:
LtCol Brian "Irish" Porter, Senior Member Benjamin "Rosco" Rosciglione, Captain Brenden Shower, Captain Jake Kadish, Captain Steven Hawes, and 1Lt Sean Harris.
Before we left American Village, Terersa stopped to feed one of the local cats, one that we call Harry.
While Harry was being fed, Lilly was a good girl and sat down to wait for us to continue to the park.
Just in from the North Gate of Showa Park is this pond. The spring colors with the blossoms on the trees made it a very beautiful view.
I got Lilly to pose on top of a rock for me.
Another photo of Lilly on top of the rock, with flowering plants and trees behind.
And of course I then got Teresa to pose with Lilly.
Lilly is always a big hit with everyone who passes.
There was supposed to be an unofficial Japanese "moritorium" about enjoying the Cherry Blossoms this year, as sort of a solidarity thing for the people who are suffering up north, due to the Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear events. However, the park was stuffed full of people enjoying the spring weather and beautiful cherry trees.
The flowers were all in bloom. Teresa took the following floral shots.
A meandering stream and tulips of all colors...
Wood chip paths with tulips all surrounding....
A quiet lake with blossoming trees and tulip fields....
Teresa and Lilly in Showa Park.
The main pond in the middle of the park.
A shot of the Showa Park "Big Field" looking north. We went into Tachikawa City from the park, got "to go" lunches at the train station and then ate in the park.
Lots and lots of people. We had a good trip. The weather was cool, but not cold, and there was lots of life and energy. A good day....