PENNSIC33 - 2004

What is Pennsic? Well, in my own words it is reputedly the largest gathering of SCA members which occurs each year in Pennsylvania. Each August, at a place called Cooper's Lake Campground (About 40 miles north-west of Pittsburg International Airport) large volumes of people congregate for several weeks of fighting, feasting and socializing. The first time I went to Pennsic was this past August. This was the 33rd year that the Pennsic Event was held, thus the name of Pennsic33. There were about 13,000 to 15,000 people that attended. Coopers Lake Campground ( is about 500 acres of wooded Pennsylvania countryside, with several streams and small lakes. During Pennsic Events, the entire campground is packed elbow to elbow with people, except for the combat fields.

Currently I am living in Japan, at an Air Force Base in the northern provinces. I traveled for 30 hours or so to get to the Pennsic33 event. Two other friends from Japan came with me, a fellow student, and our fencing instructor.

Almost all of the photos in the following pages are mine, but since I really didn't take as many pictures as I meant to, I have borrowed some the web.

An areal view of Pennsic 32, the year before our's. The open field at the 11:00 position is the main battle fields area. (borrowed)
Although impressive in the day, the entrances to the different camps at night are truely inspriring. (borrowed)
Anohter's clan entrance. (borrowed)
Another entrance. (borrowed)
The amount of merchants selling wares was truely outstanding! Hundreds of tents it was fun shopping! (borrowed)