DAY 2 (Monday)

Monday morning came all too soon. We had a quick breakfast at the Kings Dinner and headed out to Pennsic. The first item up that morning after a few pickup fights was the Kingdom Champions Tournament. Hadrurus and I had fun being able to watch each fight that Tora participated in, since we did not have to compete ourselves. The Tourney had 40 Kingdom champions, 20 from the East, and 20 from the Mid. Tora was the champion for both the West Kingdom and the Caid Kingdom. Between the two of them, only the Queen of the West was there, so she is the one that Lord Tora fought for. She was a gracious regent, and made sure that Lord Tora had her favor, refreshment, and her full support. Interestingly, Tora already had a small reputation. Evidently there had been "Scouts" at the Pickup Fighting the day before, and his reputation had already started at Pennsic! Many people said they had heard reports of his fighting from the day before, and were very keen on having "A Dance" with him. The tourney then started, and his name was called right away.

Tora and an opponent in the preliminairies face off.
They give their salutes

Tora did very well, and quickly advanced. It was a "East and her allies" versus "Middle Kingdoms and her allies". The East was outdoing the Mid Kingdoms, and soon there was only 1 Mid Kingdom Champion left, and a dozen East Champions. Tora feared he would not be able to finish the fight, but the one Mid Kingdom Champion called "Lazarus" quickly dispatched several of the Eastern Kingdom Champions. Lord Tora was then called forth to compete. Lazarus was very good, and a large crowd had drawn around. I do have the fight on film, and will see if I can release it to those who want it. It lasted about 3 minutes, and was a true demonstration of what rapier fighting should be. Lazarus was a very good fighter, and had very clean and clear fighting moves. Lord Tora was also a very clean fighter, and his moves were talked about for the entire Pennsic afterwards. After 2 or so minutes, Tora took Lazarus's side hand, at which point he honorably gave up his side weapon. Then he danced with Lazarus for a few more minutes, and finally took him with a head shot. I have a video of it, and will see if I can offer it up tho those that want it.

I am also glad that Tora won. He had lost one fight earlier. Although he was too much of a gentleman to say it, the one person he lost to had been struck by Tora's blade many times. I even have pictures of the hits in that fight, as the blade Tora used even bends several times as he hits his opponent. The gentleman never acknowledged the hits, and finally hit Tora. Although it happens, it is sad to see this kind of thing. Still, the crowd saw it, and I heard alot of muttering in the crowd about the gentleman not acknowledging hit after hit.

Afterwards, everyone came up and thanked Tora and Lazarus for providing the best rapier fight they had ever seen. It was a very beautiful thing to see. Lazarus is a great and honorable fighter, and it was my pleasure to spar with him the next day. I lost to him that day, but on the last day on Friday, I took his leg before he killed me.

The daily "Pennsic Independant" for sale. 75cents a copy! (borrowed)

One of the senior marshals came up after the Champions Fight and interviewed Tora for the Pennsic Newspaper. Everyday a 10 or 12 page newspaper comes out called "The Pennsic Independant". A nice article came out the following day, talking all about how Tora had come from Japan, had done so well in the Tournament, and it even mentioned both Hadrurus and myself.

During the tournament Hadrurus got alot of compliments on his quick and accurate fighting style. He did Tora proud.

Hadrurus with his original gambison on day 1. Drinking ale already?
Hadrurus with his new armor on. He saw it and bought a really nice leather Jerkin. I liked his hat so much, I got one like it for myself!

We then participated in a few more matches. I was in the next tournament, and unfortunately drew to two very good fighters right off the bat. They were both Don's, which is the Knight equivilent of Heavy Fighters. I did fight well, but lost to both. As it is a double elimination event, the second fight, which I also lost was my last for that tournament. The one who killed me was a very good and very gracious fighter called Don Baron Rodrigo. His armor was Conquistador style, and very cool. I would fight him again on Friday, but that is another story.

Tourney's all day long
It was alot of fun to watch.

These tournaments were very lengthy, with long waits between being called up to fight. Each of these Tourneys had about 100 to 120 participants. My fellow student Hadrurus did much better than I, and made it close to the semi-finals. During the waiting, I took some photos, and did pickup fights. I was very happy to see that there was a good mix of male an female fighters. The garb of the fighters were traditionally bright colors, but there were a few who wore black, like the three Fighters from Japan. We had met up with a few friends of Tora and Hadrurus's, who came from the Western Kingdom of Caid. These two ladies were there with a few of their friends, and they invited us to go out with them that night to some of the Pennsic Parties. Their names are Khalida and Anghard.

We did some shopping, and Hadrurus picked up another sword from the DarkWood Armory folks, and a nice leather jerkin that I found. I wanted the jerkin for myself, but it was too large for me, so I pointed it out to Hadrurus. The shop owner agreed to do some slight modifications to it, and have it ready for him the next day. Hadrurus was very pleased with it. I picked up a set of pauldrons myself, as the bruising from Monday's sparring was getting very colorfull on my right arm. I only used the right one, and I don't know if it helped, but mentally it made me a little happier. I also picked up a eating knife and mug, and I did not have feasting gear yet.

As the day wound down, we gathered our gear and went to go eat dinner. I think that night we drove back to Butler, and at at a Spanish Food style resturant called Baja Chicken Grill. We then showered and changed, and headed back to Pennsic, where we looked for our friends we had found from the Caid Kingdom. We had to spend a few minutes looking for their camp, as it was very dark out, foggy, no electical lights, and only the flickering of nearby torches. Finally, when we thought we were in the right area, we called out loudly "KHALIDA!!!". After once or twice of this, a figure came out of the dark and said "What?". It was her, and she lead us to her camp.....So, everyone, if you ever get lost, yelling out "KHALIDA!!!" works!

There were large volumes of people walking about, allmost all wearing cloaks. Drums and medievil music came from everywhere. We finally found their camp after a half hour search, and off we went. Our first night was spent exploring, and visiting several camps that offered the traditional free grub and grog, and had dancers and other entertainers. The tall trees, fog, camp fires, drums, and throngs of people made it very cool. We finally called it a night around 2 am, and headed back to our camp, at the Super-8.