DAY 3 (Tuesday)

All day long was tournament after tournament, and then we got to do a Broken Field tournament. During the tournaments, we had made friends with the people next to us, a group called the TadCaster Militia. They were local Eastern Fighters, and were good people They asked if we three would like to fight with them in the Broken Field Battle. The scenario was for the East to Fight the Mid, in an open area in front of the castle. The field was surrounded by hay bales, and inside the large square, six buildings were made, outlined by haybales. The two sides would start from opposit ends, and then charge into each other. This created two alley ways and two side streets opposite each place. The leaders of both sides made carefull plans on who would do flanking maneuvers, and small rogue Wolf attack packs who would harrass the back side of the enemy, and Tiger packs who would attack the Wolf packs. It sounded great. Unfortunately there were two problems. One, the field was too small, and the three battles we fought all turned into line battles, the second was that it was an Epee default, so we had to borrow the lighter, flimsier weapons from our friends the TadCaster's.

Here I am in one of the tourney's.
Here Tora does his thing. The castle is in the background.

A line battle is where two lines of people, (in this case about 4 people deep) line up against each other, and both sides get within jabbing range, and they the groups try to whittle down the opposing side. It is time consuming, and slow for those not able to get into the front line...but it is realistic to what would have happened in real street fighting between large groups. Our group won the first battle, when one of their lines in the middle finally gave way. The rest of our forces surged thru their opening, flanking the remaining defenders. Then, teams re-aligned, and Tora, Haderus and I joined the team with the least number of team members. The new teams were about 150 to 70, so we knew there would be good fighting. We got killed, but had alot of fun. In this second battle, they allowed guns...which are wooden muskets and pistols with large surgical tubing rubber bands they can shoot. There are a limited number of bands they can shoot, but they can take you out from about 20 feet or more. The third battle was similiar to the last, but the "Men in Black" had made such a reputation for ourselves, than near the end, after we had been killed, the opposing side were calling out to each other as they surged in, "Watch out for the guys in Black!", to which the quick and shakey response was: "Where are they, Where are they?". We three had a good laugh over that.

The sun was getting pretty oppressive, and I had not brought anything but a skull cap, so I decided to see if I could get a hat like Hadrurus's. One bit of advice for everyone...make sure you wear lots of sunblock and a good hat! We all three did, and never got burned...but alot of people out there looked a little baked! I wanted a hat like Hadrurus's, witha wide brim. It took a bit of looking, as we had gotten to Pennsic in it's second week, and all the extra large hats were gone...I was able to find one that barely fit, and had Omar, the Hat Guy stretch it and put some feathers in it. But that is another story.....

Looking at heavies getting ready to fight from up on top of a castle wall.
Looking at the castle walls from the right side.

We cleaned up again, and headed back for another night of the Pennsic Parties. We were trying to find a party called the Mardi Gras Party, but the one we thought was it had a line of about 200 people to get into it. We went to another large party nearby, and enjoyed the party. A slightly inebriated young lady was walking by Tora. She had a lot of beads on, so he thought she might have come from the Mardi Gras Party. He started to say "Hi" to her, when she just grabbed him, and said he was "Cute"....and became part of his outfit almost. He tried to extract himself from her, but she was like an snake, and kept clinging onto him. Both Hadrurus, myself and Khalida thought this was very amusing, but poor Tora was trying to do parry after parry, but couldn't get away. After a few minutes an older woman came by that "Slinky" (as she came to be known) walked by, and she decided that heavy kissing on this older woman would be more fun. This was the break Tora needed to move on, and we continued our wanderings.

One of the cooler camps made their area into a Roman Villa. (Borrowed from Pennsic.Net)
One of the cooler camps made their area into a Roman Villa. (Borrowed from Pennsic.Net)