DAY 4 (Wednesday)

Wednesday was another day of tournaments. All day long was tournament after tournament including a 5 on 5 tournament. Now the 5 on 5 tournament had the potential to be alot of fun, but sadly it got to be a bit frustrating. One of the problems are Pennsic, is that they are an "Epee Default" location. Which means if anyone has a preference to using the lighter, whippier Epee (gee, does my favoritism show?) instead of the more realistic rapier, you have to use the Epee. Which of course none of us had brought. So, we had to use daggers or borrow blades. Anway, we borrowed some gear from our friends the TadCasters, (Did I mention they are a really nice bunch of people?) and worked the 5 on 5. Our friend Anghard joined us, and she performed very well. Our biggest frustration was with one particular group of fighters who chose Epee, and had a mean look about them. 4 of the five were a grim lot, with the 5th an obvious add on so that they could have 5. He was a nice guy, and a honorable fighter. I should have known something was up when they calibrated against us. Calibration is when you all line up and rotate the line on each other, making small test jabs at each other so you know what is a good hit, what is too soft, and what is too hard. Well, this first guy jabs me and I say "A bit hard M'Lord". He jabs me again, and I say the same thing. He jabs again (each time to a different location) and I finally say "You're hitting too hard M'Lord". He hits me again hard and then I hit him. I hit him softly, and he said "Too hard". I hit him again to the point where I almost don't even crease his fabric, and again he says "Too hard". Sigh. Then he moves on to Hadrurus, where I heard Hadrurus get jabbed hard. All 4 of the grims did that. Then, of course as could be expected we fought, and they jabbed us mega hard. We formed up, and I started popping the hands and legs that were easily hittable. No acknowlegement from them that I hit them. I even hit one in the head causing a small "pez" reaction to the guys head. "Tippy" he called. I finally got hit and yelled "Dead" and walked away...more than a bit angry, but I would be honorable even if they would not. Anghard also joined me a moment later, along with our 5th that we had picked up. I think his name was Jeffery, and he was a good and honorable fighter as well. So now I watch as Tora squares off against one guys who keeps getting hit, but then wants to argue with him, the one honorable opponent had already called "Dead" and walked away, leaving 3 on Hadrurus. Now Hadrurus did excellent here. He only had a buckler and a dagger, and was fighting against 3 "Rhino Skinned" opponents, all with two long sword blades each. He did a magnificent job for almost a minute repelling 6 blades weaving into him, with him parrying all, and even making some hits that the 3 grims should have acknowledged. Finally of course they broke him and he called "Dead". This left only Tora left, who of course has no chance against Rhino's. Oh well...other than that the 5 on 5 was fun. Rhino's do happen, but fortunately they are fairly rare. A "Salute" to Hadrurus here!

After the 5 on 5 we got to do an assault on the castle. The idea behind this scenario, (which was running very late because of the heavies on the field we needed, running really late) was that two groups would fight for control of the castle. The defenders would be allowed to "Rez" (return from the dead) once, and the attackers could "Rez" an indefinate number of times. In both cases, the dead fighter had to return to a certain spot, at which point they were "Rez'd", and could return to the fight. We attacked first, then we defended. Whichever team lasted longer defending, won. Of interest was the use of "cannons" as well. The attackers could use a rubber band cannon, which shoots about a dozen of the sugical tubing rubber bands. When they fire one of these into a group of defenders, alot of them die.

Getting ready for teh Rapier Broken Field Battle. The fighters in the front are on one side. Castle in the background.
Getting ready for the Castle War. Our team prepares to storm the front after a cannon demo.

The castle has two "Gates", a main one and a side one. To get thru the gates, the attackers had to put a foot long "keg" in front of the door (touching it, and it has to be on end, so you can't throw it there) and then yell "SET". After a 10 second delay, the door is blown open, and the attackers can enter. Our team blew the first door pretty quickly, and the three of us waited for our turn to attack the 15 foot wide choke point on the castle main gate. Tora saw that I was fighting with my buckler, and had a clever idea. He suggested that I put the keg behind my buckler and then we could go for the side gate. Since the keg holder can't carry a weapon too, I gave Haderus my weapon, and put the keg behind my buckler. We casually strolled over to the side gate, (just outside of gun range, since they were using guns as well), and neared the side gate. The guards at the side gate yelled to their reserve members and gunners not to bother with us, as we only had swords. We then rushed the last 20 feet to the side gate, and I put the keg down and yelled "SET!". The defenders at that gate yelled "What?", but the charge had been set. One of the defenders looked down from the walls just in time for the marshal to yell "Boom". This explosion took out the gate, and the head of the defender. A short while later we had fought into the middle from the side gate. I was very happy to have been the one to blown the side gate, and killed 5 defenders, including the very last defender. Then it was our turn, and had alot of fun being a part of a "kill pocket" just inside the defending side door. At one time we even managed to push thru the gate and fight the attackers on the outside. Soon however, I was shot twice by guns, and so my two lives were over. Sadly, our team lost by a few minutes, even tho our last guy was in a tower, and resisted the attacks of large numbers of lined up people for several minutes.

Tora talks about his moves after a tournament.
Hadrurus and Tora after the first castle battle.

It was alot of fun, but the many "HOLD"'s that occured as Marshals (Referees) was annoying, and there were some problems with Marshals not fully being aware of what was going on, or rules that were in play. Still, these things happen. It was a nice and exhausting day.

Kage (me) and Tora by the castle.
Tora watches those heavy fighters wade out and do their thing from the parapit.

We took the ladies out to eat that night at Pizza Hut, then back to Pennsic for the night events. I was very tired, and while we were waiting in our friends camp, Khalida rubbed Tora's, my and Hadrurus's shoulders. I was so tired, that I fell asleep in my chair for a while. With the dark, campfire going, people talking in the background, it was a good time for a quick cat nap. I woke up with Tora saying it was time to go exploring. We wandered down a ways and saw a musicians camp set up, and they must have had 150 Belly Dancers. Most were in a large candle lit pavilion, but some spilled out and were dancing by fires, and by the crowd there. One of them made a comment about me being a pirate...but I figured it was the dark clothing..and didn't understand what she meant.

Good sized crowds were at each party. (borrowed)
There were lots of fire eaters and dancers at the parties. (borrowed)

Later, (or was it before?) Tora was asking me about the "Pirates of the Carribean", and asked if I liked the look of Captain Jack Sparrow? I said sure, he had a cool look, and by this time, I knew something was up, but didn't know what. Later that night when we were back at the hotel room, Tora wanted "A picture of his students". So he took one of me and Hadrurus standing side by side. Later as I used the bathroom, I discovered that he had drawn a mustache and goatee on me while I slept at the campfire. Haderus had helped, and they used Khalida's dark brown lipstick. Those jokers....I had my revenge on Hadrurus the next night at the "Men without Pants Party!". Tora's is still coming.....:)

The Pirate Ship camp entrance for the Ravenspittle Group. (Borrowed from Pennsic.Net)
The Pirate Ship camp entrance for the Ravenspittle Group. (Borrowed from Pennsic.Net)