DAY 6 (Friday)

Sadly, we had to say goodby to Hadrurus on Friday, as he needed to catch an airplane. Although the weather still looked bad, Tora and I decided to see if we could stay and fight one more day. Fortunately, the weather cleared up enough, so that by late morning, the Pennsic Officials declared the competitions back on. In the last competition that I fought in, the Marshal running it made pools of 7 fighters. Each pool had it's participants fight each other, and the one with the most points advanced to the semi-finals. I liked this concept better, because even if you lost every fight, you still got to fight 7 times. Also, there was alot less time waiting for a chance to fight. In the previous double elimination tournament fights, you could wait up to 10 to 15 minutes between fights, and two losses in a row spelled the end of your fighting until the next tournament.

Tora fighting against the East's Champion, and holder of the ultimate "Iron Ring" title.
Tora makes his first moves

I actually did pretty well, and got a chance to fight against Don Baron Rodrigo and Don Lazarus. I did much better than I had earlier, and actually got a chance to tag Don Baron Rodrigo's leg. Then, with him on his knees, I was able after a few minutes, able to take his side hand. As a point of honor I gave up my shield so that I could fight him one weapon on one weapon. I sure didn't want to do it, because he is very very good. But I had noticed my teacher Tora do the same. When ever he took someone's side weapon, he always surrendered his side weapon to make it more fair. It is a good and honorable trait, and even tho I was fighting a Don, I knew I must do the same for honor's sake.

After a few more minutes of trying to get thru Don Baron Rodrigo's defences, I finally scored a hit to his head. I had won against him! Later I fought Lazarus, and had managed to get another leg shot, when he managed to simultaneously hit me over my buckler and onto my head. Oh well, at least I hit him. I did not advance, but the hitting of two Don's, and the win over one made my Pennsic Trip!

Tora fighting against the East's Champion, and holder of the ultimate "Iron Ring" title.
Tora makes the last and killing hit!

I did a little bit of last minute shopping, and wished I had more time to check out all of the booths filled with so much cool stuff. So many of the vendors would custom make items for you, if you could give them a day or two to finish the work.

This gate had it's runes and markings from the Lord Of the Rings actually glow at night. (Borrowed from Pennsic.Net)
one of the many cool entrances. (borrowed from

We went back to the Super-8 as the weather got bad again, and had our last meal. I had to catch a plane early in the morning to head to Atlanta to see my good friend and brother-in-law Thomas. The weather was pretty stormy, and my planes "electronics" got soaked, so we had to sit on the runway for about two hours as the ground crew tried to dry out the circuits. Talk about flying with confidence! Well, two days later I was back home. It was a memorable trip! It would have been nice to start with a smaller event and work my way up, but with the time and money involved to get there, it had to be a major event for it to be worth it. Pennisc33 was a blast. My thanks to all those that made this event happen, and made my trip there a great one!