Here is downtown Bangkok. We flew in late at night, and this is what I saw that morning. It looked like a cool place to explore, but our time there was very short....
I spent most of the two days there sight seeing and shopping. There is very good discounted goods everywhere. The traffic was a bit thick...and scooters and motorbike drivers were fearless.
It rained the second day, but it did not stop me from taking lots of photos. Here is one of the fish markets at twilight. We went to a very good German Food restruant, and walked back in a downpour. It was like walking in bath water, so there was no chill at all.
There are canals all over the city. There are water taxi's and sampans taking people up and down the water ways. I did not get a chance to see any of the water markets sadly. Maybe next time!
There are many Hindu shrines all over town. It seems like every shop, even ones as small as a closet all have a shrine. Here is one of Ganesh, a six armed elephant god.
Much of the city was very clean and modern. Here is a large, 5 story mall. It was very clean and spacious inside. The guards chased me out when I tried to take a few photos tho....
Here is one of the bar areas in the daylight hours.
There are many wild dogs that roam the streets. It seems like everyone feeds them. I didn't see any mean ones, but you can never be too careful.
Mike had me take this picture. His squadron has a cat called "Lucky Oscar", and here is a store with the same name.
The cost of living was really low. Hotels were about $20 a night, for a big clean room. Breakfast was fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, hashbrown, etc. The total cost for breakfasts were about $2. Here is Mike reading the morning paper. He says he's going to retire here....and I don't blame him.