We then flew back to Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand, and drove about two hours south to the coastal city of Pattaya. We had a nice place overlooking the beach, that also provided a free breakfast. We spent a few days in Pattaya playing golf, taking boat rides out to islands to snorkel and relax. We would go out to the resturants for dinner, and we did a little bit of tourist shopping. But we were very good, and bought very few items. Mike bought a few more items than we did, but even he kept things in check....:)
I did manage to take a few photos...(over 1700 images/videos) so I'll try to sort thru them in the next month and post them. I can also burn a DVD or two, and send those your way. I took a few photos...I'll give Teresa credit for the other 1650 photos! Here is a veiw looking down from the front of our hotel. We stayed at the A-1 Cruise Hotel, in Pattaya, Kingdom of Thailand.
Looking up from the north "ship" and north swimming pool at our hotel. We ended our visits last few days in the room at the 10:00 position facing the ocean.
We wandered down the beach and here is a shot from the south side of the beach looking north. All of these boats are basically water taxi's, and take you where you want to go out in the bay or out to the large restraunt or parasailing ships anchored in the bay.
Looking out from our balcony on the first morning. We were in this room for a few days, and then because of a water problem in our bathroom, we got moved to the front "Executive Suite" overlooking the ocean directly.
Looking up from the South Swimming pool at our hotel.
Looking north from the beach across from our hotel, at the beach early in the morning.
Looking south. During the day, this beach is filled with tourists, all the umbrellas are out, and the local people are hawking for jet ski, parasailing and just boat trips.
A view across the bay out to the many islands a few miles out. We took a boat out there later, to spend some time snorkeling and playing in the ocean.
We also got to go the "world largest jewelry store" on this trip. Mike bought a ring, and I got a small boars tusk necklace. I was a cheap spender! The store was pretty big, and you could see dozens of craftsmen working on stones (cutting/grinding/polishing), and making jewelry. It was cool to see them making ring blanks, pouring gold, cutting, shapping, etc. They of course offered free sizing/modifications within an hour. The showroom was pretty big...no photos allowed, but I think I can find their website when I post this trips web page.
Looking south from our hotel's second pool at the "Baboona" hotel. This is where Mike stayed, also on the beach, also with an ocean view balcony.
The golf courses were very nice, and not that expensive. The first one we played on was at the Burapha Golf Club. This is a nice 36 hold golf course. We played two of the 4 different nine hole courses, and there was never anyone in front of us, or behind us. Even when we took our time and stopped for breaks at the frequent cabana stores.
The Burapha course is about an hour's drive east of Pattaya, and we were driven here by Mike's friends "Miss B" and Risa. The cost was not bad, about $50 for the course, carts, clubs and caddies.
The club also has a hotel, pools, restraunts, tennis courts, etc. It was a beautiful day, and despite the fact that I had not golfed in a few years, I actually played pretty well.
Mike had brought a set of hybrid "Snake Eyes" drivers with him on vacation. I tried them, and really liked the feel and handling of them. I think I was borrowing them almost every hold. Mike was a really good sport about me borrowing them, even when they started performing for me a bit better than for him. At least on the first day. The second day they remembered "who dad was", and worked better for him.
We had some great caddies, and they really took good care of our golfing game.
I let Mike drive the first day, while the ladies hung on for dear life on the back. Yep, Mike was a maniac driver!
I swear the cart got some air time as he drove over these hills. Corners were done on two wheels!
It was very cool to golf with palm trees and such lush greenery.
Sadly, I lost a fair amount of golf balls in the numerous water traps. And a few into the jungle too. But I had a great time, and I really appreciate Mike for taking me out golfing!
My caddy and myself at Burapha Country Club. I got the shirt just for golfing the day before near the beach. It's an actual "Jeep" shirt and says that.
Mike and his caddy. He didn't wear his Jeep shirt. he got a brown one...but didn't wear it this day.
Two old friends having fun golfing.
Another day of golf. Now we are at the Laem Chabang International Country Club. This course was designed by Jack Nicholas hmiself. It has three 9 hold courses, that Jack Nicholas personally designed and over saw constuction of. The three courses are Mountain, Lake and Valley. We played on the Mountain 9, followed by the Lake 9.
I practice my putting. LaemChabang also has a hotel, lodge, and many houses that people can buy and live in. It's located about an hours drive outside of Pattaya, and is pretty close to the Burapha Golf Course.
Practice Putting Field at Laem Chabang. We had another great golf day. There were a few more people out on the course this day, but it still was not crowded, and was partly cloudy all day.
Our caddies kill some time while we practice putting. Teresa did not golf, but she did have fun driving the golf cart and taking photos.
Mike and I were actually in a good mood...Teresa justed wanted a "grouchy" look from us....
I think this was Hole #1 on the "Mountain Course".
A nice action shot of me teeing off. Notice the really bad form...:)
Mike give the ball a hard chip to reach the pin.
Hitting a hard 3-Iron down the coures from the rough.
After the caddy cleaned my golf ball, she carefully put it back. We always had really good caddies, each day at each golf course.
With my new golf course cap! Every couple of holes was a nice cabana, where you could buy food, drinks and replacement golf balls. (Which I needed, sadly.)
A fun hole to attempt...
Happy golfers. We must have just started the day if we are both smiling!
Notice the good footwork that Mike has. Splash into the water goes hit ball.
Notice my incredibly bad footwork here. Thunk, goes my ball on the green. (This time maybe...)
A nice action shot of Mike chipping onto the green.
I spent a fair amount of time "On the Beach" the second day of golfing...
Putting for birdie...
Putting for par....
Our caddies on another day of golfing.
Getting ready to chip onto the green.
A nice shot by Teresa of Mike's golf ball in the air during a chip.
The greens were pretty fast, even with their very large size.
All of the courses were very beautiful. Very green, healthy grass, very well maintained grounds.
Our caddies would point out exactly where to hit the ball. Not that we could, even when we tried of course, but it was nice of them to not laugh at us when we were looking.
Of course when a stray cat passed our path, Teresa had to come out and pet it. I think this was her most favorite part of the golf trip that day!
I prepare to dig a big hole into this nice green fairway...:)