More people coming from one of the battles. There was actually about 15% of the fighters being women. Very cool!
Here is a shot of the haybails that were used to line out the "Bridge" during certain scenarios.
Here is my Mom, Bonnie Harris. She looks very shek in her outfit. She made the outfits for both her and my dad!
Here is the "Top 50 Rapier Fighers" of the world board. It is something new that the Black Tigers started this year. You don't need to be a Black Tiger, this is just a way for people to rank themselves in the Rapier world.
Aqueous Animo and myself wait our turns in a tourney.
Mr versus an opponent in one of the tournaments.
I push his weapon out of the way and try to get inside his guard.
Here on the left is my friend Lord Vail, who is a Japanese friend of mine who came here to fight Heavy and Light at Estrella. This was his first Estrella as well.
Here is a shot of my mom doing some shopping.
Here is me fighting Lord Gracias. He is not a Black Tiger, but he is very very good. He actually wound up coming in 2nd in the Top 50 of the World list for 2006.
He did kill me 2 out of 3 times, but I did get him in a double kill once, and did take an arm twice.
Here is me verus Lord Vail. I really like his steel pot helmet!
A nice strong start to a modified Force 5
Filler photo
And now I bind his blade. Notice my sword point going in behind his left shoulder.
Some shots of a battle on the Open Field. Notice the dresses being worn by some of the lady fighters. It is not necessary for them to wear dresses, it is just a courtesey offered. I would say about 20% of the ladies wear the dresses.
Here is the Black Tiger camp after a hard day fighting. People come back to camp, clean up and then off to eat. At night we sit around the fire and tell war stories, and sing pirate songs! Very cool!
Penelope and Black Zack.
Penelope and Linay.
Hadrurus and Shenafin.
Tora and Ali.
Blayde and Serita.
Bonnie and Ralph.
Kage Tatsu and his mom!
Shenafin squares off against an opponent. No, you are not imaginging it. That really is a long purple tail on her posterior!
And down goes Shenafin's opponent. She's only been fighting for less than a year, but she is very good! Hadrurus has been privately teaching her.
Kage Tatsu gives a salute to his lady, who was in far off Japan at the time of the wars.
Here is a round with me and a buckler against him...this was a 3 style match...single sword, sword buckler, and then sword dagger.
Here is a good high parry, as I do a push cut...
I don't remember this gentleman's name, but he was fun to spar with. We fought two out of three, and I won the match.
One was a poke into his face for the point....
Here is the same high parry and push cut from another angle. I was very proud of myself....I'm not the best fighter out there by any means, but I do like to fight and have fun with my friends.
And down he went....
Tora faces off in a tourney against Hadrurus.