Tora versus Kage.
Black Zack versus unknown fighter.
Shenafin rests between bouts.
Ralph and Bonnie enjoy the day, watching the fights from the shade of the Big Pavilion!
Tora and Lord Gracias.
Unknown fighter facing Hadrurus.
Ali and the canine known as Kuma watch the going's on.
Blade takes a breather between fights to watch his students and the other Black Tigers spar in tournaments.
Lord Gracias verus Tora. Notice how far in advance Tora holds the buckler...exactly the right form!
A high block with the buckler, pushing Lord Gracias's blade up and to the side, and at no time is Tora's view hindered by the buckler.
Tora ersus another opponent. Here he starts a sweep his enemies blades with his right sword, from bottom upwards clockwise....
Which binds the blades, and allows his secondary, the Katana to score on his opponents mid section. Very nicely done, wish I had video's this one, but then I wouldn't have these pictures.
Hadrurus and Shenafin show the final standings of the Worlds Top 50 Fighters for 2006.
Here Tora Taka presents to Don Colyn the prize of the Crystal Dagger, for winning the Top 50 Rapier Fighters of 2006. Lord Gracias came in Second, followed by Don Lot in Third, Fourth was Hadrurus.

Final group photo of the Black Tigers in Estrella, 2006. A few minutes after this, everyone hit the road to journey home. From left to right:

Tora, Aqueous Animo, Foxglove, Blade, Ali, Serita, Black Zack, Thomas O'Neal, Shenafin, Penelope, Linay, Lingus, Hadrurus, and Kage Tatsu.