After visiting Thomas, I had a chance to visit my parents for a few weeks. I flew from Ft. Meyers to Memphis, and then from Memphis I flew on SeaPort Air to the city of Harrison, Arkansas, which is close to where my parents live.
We were not the largest aircraft out there...but it was cool to sit behind the pilot and look outside while we were taxing and flying.
It was cold of course. Here is the mighty Mississippi river with barges...and snow. Lots of cold white stuff....
My folks were waiting for me at Harrison. It was great to see them again. It had been a few years.
We stopped off for dinner at a local eatery that they liked, and then headed to their house.
The next day, I got to meet their RV travel friends, the Baldwins, Ed and Connie.
The folks drove me around the country side, showing off the hills, riversand lakes. Sadly, this time of year is the worst for sight-seeing...but what I did see was very pretty.
The Baldwins have a houseboat on one of the large lakes...if I can visit in the summer, the lakes are supposed to be awesome.
The lakes are huge, and are good fishing spots.
We did a tour of the Dam as well....built in the 30's as part of the New Deal.
Looking down at the White Water Dam, from the Museum.
A shot of the dam as it was being built in the 1930's.
Below the dam, special boats go up and down the fast moving river angling for fish.
It was very beautiful...cold, but beautiful.
With the rain and snow melt, the lake and rivers were running a bit on the high side..
When we got back, Dad fired up one of his many grills and make some great steaks!
Another lake on a different day.
Looking from the back yard to the house...
One of the things I've been wanting to do is to get my teeth a process called "Zooming". It takes about an hour. Here is a before shot. My teeth are actually more yellow than the photo shows.
And here is the "after" shot....about 7 shades whiter. I'm very happy with the outcome. Laser eye surgery 5 years earlier, and now the teeth. I'm on my way to becoming a Hollywood look-a-like!
The folks also took me on a tour of the Ranger Boat Factory, a few towns away. Reputedly one of the best fresh water boats available, the Ranger Boat Factory has been in operation for many years in Arkansas. The Boats are built from the outside in, with the outer fiber glass surface being the first thing laid down inside of "forms"
Layers are put on to show different colors and patterns, then the harder hull is then sprayed on with a fiberglass epoxy and fiberglass laminates. The top and bottom are made seperately. The pieces move from statio to station via a converyor system, more easily seen in the preceeding photo.
Painting is done in special rooms to help reduce the fumes and air curernt.s There was alot of paint and fiberglass fumes in the factory, of that I can assure you!
Here is a form curing....
Our tour guide was the younger brother of the founder. He was very informative and a great tour guide.
They now use water cutting jets to remove the form pieces from the main bodies.
Here is a main piece with the holes cut into it.
Workers then add the fastenings...
Workmen put pieces together....
Pieces are now together...
A finished bay or salt water boat...
A mechanic tunes a large engine for a bass boat...
Do you like that engine dad? Want one for your boat?
Engine Love..........
A shot looking south from the RV Barn to the house....
Now looking East on the 5 acres to the main road....
My parents house.....
From the main road looking towards the house.
Mom and Dad doing email and surfing the web....
The dining room. Birds coming to the bird feeder, squirrels and deer are regular visitors.
We made a day trip to Branson, Missouri, and stopped at the famous Lambert's Cafe. They have appeared on a lot of cooking and eating TV shows.
Here we are with the start of our small lunch.....the portions were HUGE! And very tasty! Watch out of the rolls that they throw at you to eat! (Very delicious rolls!)
One of the main things we wanted to see in Branson were shows, and the Titanic Musuem. With it being February, most of the shows were not playing yet. But we did get a chance to tour the Titanic Museum!
You were not allowed to take pictures inside, but it was a lot of fun to go and see.
All too soon it was time to leave....back to the airplane....
I was the only passenger. This is what it is like to have your own private airplane and pilots I guess....but I wish they would have let me fly it!